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Friday, September 9th, 2005
1:09 am
Aaron Broussard interview
Lyssa disabled her comments, so I'll respond here. BTW, you probably just want to skip down to the bottom to the comments about the nursing home.

[transcipt: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article10121.htm]

Katrina is not the worst hurricane to make landfall, but it is very close. I'd say its a far worse disaster than many other hurricanes because lack of comminication and management. Every city, parish, county, state, etc, has disaster plans, a list of things to be carried out in case of a disaster or impending disaster.

First of all, he keeps talking about FEMA

You might read what FEMA does:

FEMA coordinates the work of federal, state, and local agencies in responding to floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. FEMA provides financial assistance to individuals and governments to rebuild homes, businesses, and public facilities; trains firefighters and emergency medical professionals; and funds emergency planning throughout the United States and its territories.

In other words, they are not the federal government swooping down to do everything, they integrate the response of the federal government agencies and state agencies with the local government.

Then he goes and talks about FEMA budget cuts, maybe he didn't notice that the budget for FEMA has doubled since 2002. Followed by a statement that FEMA should be a cabinet position, and then somehow more independant at the same time...

He then talks about Wallmart trucks with water being turned away because they were unneeded, this makes sense, as the Red Cross already had it handled, as was laid out in the disaster plans.

I'll let Major Garrett do the talking:


MG: Well, the Red Cross, Hugh, had pre-positioned a literal vanguard of trucks with water, food, blankets and hygiene items. They're not really big into medical response items, but those are the three biggies that we saw people at the New Orleans Superdom, and the convention center, needing most accutely. And all of us in America, I think, reasonably asked ourselves, geez. You know, I watch hurricanes all the time. And I see correspondents standing among rubble and refugees and evacuaees. But I always either see that Red Cross or Salvation Army truck nearby. Why don't I see that?

HH: And the answer is?

MG: The answer is the Louisiana Department of Homeland Security, that is the state agency responsible for that state's homeland security, told the Red Cross explicitly, you cannot come.

HH: Now Major Garrett, on what day did they block the delivery? Do you know specifically?

MG: I am told by the Red Cross, immediately after the storm passed.

HH: Okay, so that would be on Monday afternoon.

MG: That would have been Monday or Tuesday.


HH: I also have to conclude from what you're telling me, Major Garrett, is that had they been allowed to deliver when they wanted to deliver, which is at least a little bit prior to the levee, or at least prior to the waters rising, the supplies would have been pre-positioned, and the relief...you know, the people in the Superdome, and possibly at the convention center, I want to come back to that, would have been spared the worst of their misery.

MG: They would have been spared the lack of food, water and hygiene. I don't think there's any doubt that they would not have been spared the indignity of having nor workable bathrooms in short order.

HH: Now Major Garrett, let's turn to the convention center, because this will be, in the aftermath...did the Red Cross have ready to go into the convention center the supplies that we're talking about as well?

MG: Sure. They could have gone to any location, provided that the water wasn't too high, and they got some assistance.

So what About the LA department of homeland security?


Shreveport, Louisiana . . . A federal grand jury has returned two separate indictments charging three members of the State Military Department with offenses related to the obstruction of an audit of the use of federal funds for flood mitigation activities throughout Louisiana, United States Attorney Donald W. Washington announced today.

Two of the individuals charged, MICHAEL C. APPE, 51, of Mandeville, Louisiana, and MICHAEL L. BROWN, 61, of St. Francisville, Louisiana, are senior employees of the Louisiana Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. Both APPE and BROWN are charged with conspiracy to obstruct a federal audit; BROWN is additionally charged with making a false statement.

Of course, the whole statement about the water is a lie anyway, which you can find out by contanting walmart:


Sharon Weber of Wal-Mart called back. She said that last week, FEMA diverted those water trucks to "another location, which [FEMA] felt was in greater need than where they were headed." Weber emphasized that Wal-Mart would not override any FEMA decisions made in emergency situations. So Broussard, who claimed that Wal-Mart's aid was ourtight rejected, was wrong. Based on Wal-Mart's information, their trucks were taken where FEMA thought they were needed most. It would appear that the same story occurred with the Coast Guard fuel issue. Broussard said that FEMA wouldn't release the fuel to Jefferson Parish - but surely that fuel went somewhere else it was needed. Thanks to Wal-Mart's Sharon Weber for tracking down this information.

He makes another statement about refusal of deisel fuel. Just as with the water, there was probably logical reasons for the rejection, but Broussard never really seems to mention any of the why in the interview, just kind of a FEMA is mean and purposely kills people attitude.

He then talks about communication lines that were cut, and again, no explaination about the occurance. From what I can find, FEMA was connecting their own emergency lines, I can't find any info on whether or not they knew they were connecting lines that were in use.

Then he says:

I just completed it yesterday with convoys of National Guard and local parish workers and levee board people. It took us two and a half days working 24/7. I just closed it.

Wow, he personally closed it? What an amazing man. He really seems to like telling stories.

Then he talks about the story about the nursing home, who the city attempted to evacuate, but refused evacuation:


When St. Bernard Parish officials realized last week that St. Rita’s Nursing Home had not evacuated as Hurricane Katrina bore down on the parish, they called to ask why. Their offer to send buses to help was turned down, they said Wednesday.

No one knows for sure why officials of St. Rita’s, a privately owned nursing home, chose not to evacuate. On Wednesday, officials were still unsure of the number of people who died there, but previous estimates put the toll at 30 or more.

In my opinion, it was not the choice of the management of the nursing home if the people living the evacuated, since after all, they certainly didn't stick around. Also, you might actually read the story about this tragic incident:


The opportunity to get these people out was before the leeve broke, or better yet, before the hurricane hit. After the levee broke, they did not have very much time, the water quickly went to the roof. I'm not sure if he is attempting to pin this on FEMA or not. The guy who runs the Emergency management for the Parish could not get his own mother out before the hurricane hit, before the Leeves broke, even though she was calling him every day.

Not only that, but these people died on the 29th, a wednesday, not a friday. I can understand though, on with the emotion, him extending the story of the phone call pleas out to friday, getting the days confused, I do wonder though.

I'll leave you with some comments from Nagin. The disaster plans called for the usage of city busses, shuttles, and school busses for evactuation. Nagin however, wanted to wait around for greyhound, which was not in the disaster plan. Why? Because they move their busses out of the path of the hurricane days before it hits, ie, they will never get there.

NAGIN: I need reinforcements, I need troops, man. I need 500 buses, man. We ain't talking about -- you know, one of the briefings we had, they were talking about getting public school bus drivers to come down here and bus people out here.

I'm like, "You got to be kidding me. This is a national disaster. Get every doggone Greyhound bus line in the country and get their asses moving to New Orleans."

That's -- they're thinking small, man. And this is a major, major, major deal. And I can't emphasize it enough, man. This is crazy.
Thursday, September 1st, 2005
8:12 pm
CSC Coin
I was given a CSC coin by my manager's manager today, the director of CSC army programs northeast. Pretty cool:

So we'll see if it leads to good things.
Wednesday, August 24th, 2005
2:12 pm
New car!
After the premature destruction of my last car while in the hands of my insurance agent (by no fault of his own), I have searched, and purchased a new car!

Bought it auction style, 2004 Toyota Camry, with just about all the bells and whistles. In some ways crazy, but in most ways the only sane way to buy a car.

Did I mention that I love my honey? I get to fly out and visit this weekend, I think we'll go to seaworld. Just gotta watch for 'dem seagulls.


BTW, here is an aerial view of the auction on a slow day, you can see the cars lining up on just a few of the 12 lanes that are out there (look in the lower left of the image, just south of and to the west of that white building.

Monday, June 13th, 2005
1:58 am
Another piece of engrish

So, I'm not too sure about this portrait studio. I really don't want seminude portraits
of my friends and family, but it is comforting to know that none of the photos on the
front look very racy...

Jane informs me that no, they don't really do seminude portraits, they are attempting
to state that they provide a glossy (ie, flesh tone) finish to the photos. However,
flesh tone becomes seminude...

Its really too bad I don't have a picture of the Happy Virus workbooks from Jeju.

Anyway, Jane should be done with her final about now...time to give her a ring :)
1:51 am

It's me and Jane at one of the palaces. I think I look like a goober in this picture, but I figure Jane
needs a good laugh every now and then, right?

We took the picture because of the excellent background. Its really too bad it took us so long
to settle on a couple ring, so I'm not wearing my couple ring in any of these pictures.
1:46 am
The sand of Jeju

The surf of Jeju Island. Jane says people swim here all the time, but I don't know...looks
questionable to me. Look at the size of the rocks the surf is pulling out over on the right
side of the image.

Anyway, swimming or no swimming, its a beautiful place to be with my honey.

She's busy taking a final right now, and I'm here sending smart vibes. Maybe she's done
by now?

Current Mood: impatient
Friday, June 10th, 2005
6:08 am

This is a pic from Changdeokgung Palace. Its the reflection pond and library in the back garden.
Very tranquil, you can imagine Kings, Queens, members of the court, etc walking though these
gardens, standing at the pool, etc. Even in the middle of Seoul, everything is blocked out.

A building that isn't in this picture, but also overlooks this pond, is a place where people take
a written test on military knowledge and tactics. If I had to choose somewhere to take a test,
this would be it.

So Jane and I had a fun day here, even if we did show up a little early (a lot of stuff in Korea
isn't open in the morning).
5:52 am

It's Jane on the Beach in Jeju! Such a fun day, except I tried to say Hi to someone, and
they screamed, go figure, right? The beach was so beautiful and unique, we took
some sand home with us in Pocari Sweat bottle (I think they mean sweet...but hey).

It was a little cool to go swimming, but then, I don't know if this beach was safe for

Anyway, it was at sunset, so it was so romantic with my honey.Just a note, never,
ever, go to Jeju if you are single, people, including us, have no shame on looking
cute. Notice in the picture, couples.

I think it makes a great picture, with the footprints, Jane, and the Sunset.
5:34 am
Tommy Toilet say



So that's my engrish. Found in Ehwa, Jane of course,
has seen much worse (or is that better?). I'd say the California dreams one takes the cake

Shopping in Ehwa was always fun, tons of great shops there, good times, and ice cream.
BTW, to get a better idea, here is pic someone else took of Ehwa.

While looking for another good pic of Ehwa, I found a site called FatMan Seoul, A
blog reviewer of Seoul restaurants. I know that Jane is only there for 6 more days
but maybe she can get some use out of it. It also has a lot of great pics:

FatMan Seoul
Tuesday, June 7th, 2005
12:33 am

This is my cutie at one of the palaces. Picture didn't turn out all the great, but you get the idea,
you can even see some cherry blossoms in the background. We were going to visit this palace
before Jeju, but ran out of time and came back and toured it after Jeju.

Pretty cool place, its even where the Korean system of writing was invented. It was a good
day, and Jane got her BLT, even on a bagel. Jane is pretty darn good at spotting the good
places to eat from a distance, tell you what.

Anyway, its our anniversary today, pretty exciting that this is our last anniversary with
her so far away, at least for the forseeable future, next anniversary, she'll be home :)

Current Mood: Missing my Janie
Monday, June 6th, 2005
12:45 am

It's Jane, bunny, and a Jeju statue. These statues are all over Jeju island, Jane wanted to buy a
little one, but for some bizarre reason, I talked her out of it, and now she regrets it :(.

But anyway, this pic was taken the same day we went down to the falls. And I think Jane was
telling me that she would never trust me to take care of bunny, ever again.

I really like this picture btw, Jane has a really cute smile. Wish she'd fly back a week early.
12:33 am

While at Jeju Island, Jane and I decided to leave our mark. So here it is, a profession of our love, our
anniversary, and the date. Wonder how many people got to see it. The picture will last forever.

I love my Janie.

Current Mood: peaceful
Saturday, June 4th, 2005
2:29 am
The WoW guest house

So this is the view from my guest house room at the WoW Guest house, kinda like a hostel. I requested
my own room, but they weren't very busy, so I got a room that was meant for 4, just for me, spacious.

The view is really good because the guest house is on a hill. I think the scenery is pretty typical of
Seoul. You can even see some of the big apartment building in the background.

From here, it was a 20 minute walk, and then up another hill to Jane's dorm, or a bus ride. I think
riding the bus actually took longer because they bus didn't come by very often.

It's all hazy outside because of what everyone called "yellow sand", which is apparently blown in from
China (hence the yellow). It's not much sand really, but it carries a large number of pollens
which are likely to screw with you.

It was nice having a place to stay, but I rarely was there except for sleeping, Jane stopped by a couple
times too, but other than that, I was out doing something, either with Jane, or just me.

It was definitely a good base for walks into Sinchon and Edwa. All kinds of good memories.

The bathrooms left much to be desired, but as it turns out, its pretty much what a Korean bathroom is
like, shower head randomly placed, no real place to stand while showering, etc. Actually, it was a
pretty good bathroom, had a good toilet, toilet paper, everything you could want.

Current Mood: sleepy
Friday, June 3rd, 2005
2:10 am
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

It's Jane and me In a hanbok at some of the falls in Jeju! As you can tell from the picture, Jan's hanbok is very poofy.

Such a beautiful, tranquil place. BTW, there is a reano that the hanbok
and Jeju go together. Jeju is aparently a popular spot for honey
mooners, and the hanbok is the traditional Korean wedding dress.

Only down side to this day was that we got seperated from bunny, but were reunited after much worry and aphrension.

Did I mention that I love Jane? Miss her, and can't wait for her to come back?
Thursday, June 2nd, 2005
12:55 am
Seoul Tower
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is a view of the Seoul Tower as seen for a Korean Folk Village.
(kindofa museum/park type thing). You can see Seoul Tower from pretty much
anywhere around whereI was staying.

Jane and I always had this plan to go to the spinning resteraunt in the
top of the Seoul Tower. Get dressed up, have a fancy city, a beautiful
view. So we found our way to the Seoul tower. Walked up the hill to where
the cable cars were. Took a cablecar ride all the way to the top of the
hill. Walked up the rest of the hill to Seoul Tower.

All the lights were off, it had a sign, closed for rennovations.

*sigh*....Dreams dashed, and Jane and I feeling tired from all the walking,
we went down the hill a bit and found a little resteraunt with a view of
the city. Settled in, had some nice soup, some cider. It was nice, a good
view, a nice breeze. Did I mention how hot and humid it was in the cable
car waiting room? Figured it must double as a sauna after the cable car
place closed.

All in all, it worked out pretty good, and we took a luxary taxi back
down the mountain.

Maybe someday Jane and I will go to the spinning Seoul Tower resteraunt...
Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
12:47 am
The mushroom bar
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

All the crazy international students call it the mushroom bar caus they
thought it looked like a mushroom. Its really the Moo, it's supposed to
be the inside of a cow.

Any way, in the foreground, is (right), Me, Jane, (left) Halley, Megan,
and Jen. Celebrated a birthday, had some good food, cocktail soju, and
even some cake. I think the three on the right there kept eye'n one of
the waiters. Speaking of which, is the small minto back open yet.

BBQ/LAN with lots of worms time was a big success, No real serious
gaming, just BBQ and basic games, starcraft, worms, etc. can't wait
till the next LAN, course, what I really can't wait for is to hold Jane

in my arms again. Somebody saw her pictures around the house and asked
if Jane was my wife :)
Monday, May 30th, 2005
3:51 am
Jeju pic

It's me and Jane on Jeju Island. 5 days in paradise with my honey, who could ask for more? Here we are on a white sand beach just after leaving halla park.

"and what would you like to order sir", "I'll have that one"

Anyway, It was a fun day, we also hit a traditional market,and I think that might have been the day we went to the 24/7 kimbap place. Good stuff except I could some on my couple-T. I love my honey :)

Current Mood: happy
Saturday, May 28th, 2005
3:52 am

I guess it could be called the first monsoon of the season. Big clouds of dust, lots of wind and lightning, all kinds of junk blowing across the freeway. And of course, rain. I think most of the strong cells were out in mesa and south of chandler though.

Afterward,it felt like san diego in the winter, mid 70's, moist breeze, so nice, kinda wondered where my jacket was. Brings down the high tomorrow too to the low 90's. Apparently, there might be more activity saturday and sunday, and then it'll stay cool through tuesday. Couldn't ask for a better memorial day weekend.

Thursday, May 26th, 2005
12:34 am
This house is clean?

So, a while ago, I saw a spider in my garage, didn't care too much, cause I figured that he'd eat anything that I didn't want in my garage.

Almost everyday, I'd come home, and he'd greet me, and scurry off. I haven't seen him for a while though, maybe after finishing everything else off, he uttered the famous line "This house, is clean" and then left. Where did my spider go?

In other news, I watched crash, which was really good, and I can't help but to think that the writers and producers were trying to teach us something, I can't quite put my finger on it though. Maybe its that you shouldn't go to LA, because they are all pricks, or maybe they are just trying to say, look, see, Brenden Fraiser really can act. The answer lies somewhere over the rainbow...

Monday, May 23rd, 2005
10:18 pm
busy day at work

Hacking up so much cool stuff at work, but I don't think they'd be happy if I posted everything I did in my Livejournal, oh well. Kinda nice to feel good about what you accomplish. Just need to remember to work on documentation too...

Going to watch the suns game 2 vs spurs tomorrow night at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant. They did pretty good on Sunday,but lost. We'll see how they fair on Tuesday. My brother is rooting for the suns, my sister in law, the spurs.

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